Marianna Rapsomatioti Head of Translators

Her name is Marianna Rapsomatioti and it will be her honour to serve as this year’s Head of Translators. As you can imagine, her main studies path includes Translation and Interpreting (yes, you very well guessed that she is a graduate of the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation & Interpreting) but she has also studied Political Sciences at the Univeristy of Athens. SimUnesCO has been her very first MUN simulation, thus it always holds a special place in her heart… Ιt’s been almost 6 years but she can still feel the same, insatiable excitement! The (heated!) debates about to begin, the ideas formed, uttered and exchanged… Dialogue: thesis – antithesis – synthesis. Decision-making at its finest!

And then this unparalleled team spirit: a feeling of belonging; of supporting; of evolving through common challenges, patiently rising to the task again and again, like a family!

So hesitate no longer, dear friends! Do become part of the SimUnesCO family!

And for choosing that wisely, do enjoy as well all the added perks! Corfu island by summer, amazing new friends, wicked social events and of course the ultimate gift to yourself: the chance to #take_a_stand ! Will you say no to all of that?