Procedure of the Simulation

What is going to happen during the conference?

At the beginning of the conference, there will be a plenary session (a general assembly of all the participants). During this session, the General Conference will present the topics which will be discussed in each committee. Afterwards, each committee will have a debate on the agenda items, (you can find committee topics in the website). After discussing the topics, each committee has to produce a recommendation(s) —it depends on the alliances which will be created— and by voting delegates have to agree on a single recommendation. These recommendations will be adopted or rejected by the General Conference (voting procedure) during the final plenary session. Each country has one vote per recommendation, which will be delivered by the ambassador on behalf of all the representatives of a country.

Your role in the conference

Director General-Deputy Director General:

The Director General as well as the Deputy Director General are responsible for the coordination of the chairs and co-chairs of all the committees. They check the study guides and they’re obliged to help chairs with their preparation and in case they need help while they write the study guides. They have to attend the committee sessions and help the chairs if any problems arise. Last but not least, they check all the draft-papers as well as the final version of the recommendations before the voting procedure at the last day’s General Assembly. Chairs, co-chairs and delegates may contact the D.G, the D.D.G or a member of the Academic Committee and ask them about everything concerning the academic part of the conference.

Chairs and co-Chairs:

Chairs along with their co-chairs must ensure that their committee functions properly(appropriate policies and procedures), that there is full participation during meetings, that all relevant matters are discussed and that effective decisions are made and carried out. They help delegates with their preparation by writing study guides and giving them guidelines constantly before the conference. They’re also obliged to send feedback about the position papers! All in all, Chairs must make the most of all their committee members and ‘lead the team’.


as a delegate you represent a country in the committee in which you’ll be assigned, you participate in the debates and you vote during the committee and the plenary sessions.


as a journalist you watch the sessions of a committee as well as the plenary sessions. You can ask delegates and chairpersons questions and interview them. Finally, in collaboration with the rest of the journalists, you have to write articles in order to create a newspaper, the “SimUnesCO Times”.


as there will be a French-speaking committee, the role of translators is very important. Moreover, delegates may ask the translators to help them while they write their recommendations (if difficulties in grammar, syntax or vocabulary arise).