Katerina Beli Head of Communication’s Group

Katerina Beli, born and raised in Thessaloniki, is on her third year of studying in the Department of Journalism and Mass Communications in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

She first discovered her love for journalism at the age of 10, when she decided to publish the class newspaper. From then on, her passion for journalism only grew bigger. Since graduating school, she has acted as Editor-in-chief for an annual magazine and a youth-oriented site. Currently, she works as Press Officer at a known sport event of Thessaloniki.

Katerina was 14 when she participated in her first conference, as a member of the Press Team. Since then, she has being a part of over 15 conferences, as journalist, delegate, advisor or member of the Organizing Committee.

As a freshman in SimUnesCO, she cannot contain her excitement and she is counting the days until August 18. Understanding that the challenge for the Communication Group is to capture the essence of the conference with their work, she hopes to help the group as best as she can to achieve this goal.

SimUnesCO 2018 is promising to be the highlight of your summer and the Communication Group will be there to report, to capture the moment and your feelings and to help make this conference an once in a lifetime experience.

This summer it’s time to TAKE A STAND! The Communication Group dares you!