World Heritage Committee

Martyna Olchawa World Heritage Committee (Main Chair)

Martyna Olchawa is an undergraduate student in the Ionian University in the Department of Foreign Languages Translation and Interpreting. Her dream is to become someday a successful interpreter. She has been participating in MUN simulations for the past 3 years, such as simulations of UNESCO, the United Nations, the Council of Europe, European institutions -as the EU Council and the European Parliament, both in a national and an international level.

Apart from MUN conferences, she specializes in Legal, Economic and Technical Translation in Greek, English, French and Polish. This will be her fourth time in SimUnesCO and she is more than excited to be the President of the World Heritage Committee. Along with her colleagues she assures you that this conference will become a summer essential for you.

Stavros Papakyriazis World Heritage Committee (Co-Chair)

He is an International and European studies graduate from the University of Piraeus. An everpresent protector of the diplomatic courtesy and his name is Stavros-Christos Papakyriazis. Through his years of studies he has practiced in the fields of historical research, strategy and international law. The MUN experience is one of the dexterities that he has acquired and uphold the most from his student years. The thrill of the debate, the use of the English language, the interaction with other people, the opportunity to put what you’ve learned in theory in the university to the test, that and so much more is where his passion for the MUNs lies. Through his participation in various simulations both in Greece and abroad he came to realize that there is always something new to learn, something new to put to the table.

Eleni Maletsika World Heritage Committee (Co-Chair)

Eleni Maletsika was born in Ioannina, Greece in 1997. She is a third year undergraduate student in the Faculty of Law at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. She has been involved in Model UN since her first year of studies and has participated since then in various simulations, both in Greece and abroad. She particularly loves travelling, reading and studying foreign languages. This is her second time participating in SimUnesCO, but the very first as a member of the board. Her hope for this year’s simulation is to ensure its success for every participant.