Hercules Aravidis Director

Hercules Aravidis was born in Piraeus; Athens. He is currently in his fourth and last year of his studies in the department of Political Science & International Relations of University of Peloponnese, located in Corinth.

Although this is his first edition of SimUnesCO, it will be his 11th simulation in both Greece and abroad. This journey began in his first year as a student and it has been going on ever since with a passion fueled by his love for diplomacy, debating and sharing experiences with all the friends he has made over the years.

This year he has decided to drop the delegate’s mantle and apply for boarding positions landing on the SimUnesCO Crisis Leading Team, where the rest of the team and he are going to produce scenarios to make your time in the Cabinets even more… exciting.

That means he is more than thrilled to welcome all of you to this year’s SimUnesCO , and is dedicated to making this a experience a memorable one.