Dimitris Kollias Director

Dimitris Kollias, currently conducts his undergraduate studies at the University of Macedonia, in the department of International and European Studies with particular emphasis on politics and diplomacy. In the -not so distant- long run, he plans to enhance his academic profile with a MA in International Security and Conflict Resolution, which alongside with Diplomacy and Strategic Studies constitute his academic fields of interests.

Dimitris -in a cluster of memories and a period of three joyful years- has been regularly involved with model UN and participated in quite a few simulations, debating under the spectrum of various international and regional organizations. During the aforementioned period of time, he developed long lasting friendships with delegates from different cultural and academic backgrounds.

Through academic “life” and apart MUN experiences, Dimitris participated in numerous conferences and educative programs surrounding his academic interests. Furthermore he completed his short traineeship as a Political and Social Analyst and took part in specific activities of NRDC-GR (the Headquarters and military base of NATO’s Rapid Deployable Corps Greece). Prior to the opening of SimUnesCO 2018, he will have completed his internship at the Greek Embassy in London.

Dimitris believes that one has to be able to maintain a multifaceted personality. He addresses everyday life with a moto “vouloir c’est pouvoir” (where there’s a will, there’s a way). Thus he travels a lot, worked as a cook in the United-States, he declares unfailingly in love with every aspect of art -especially performing arts and photography – and always carries a book (or two) alongside. Last but not least, he is more than excited to be part of such an amazing group of individuals and to have the opportunity to positively enrich the experiences of each and every new member of our great SimUnesCo family.