Clio Katsimicha Director

Clio Katsimicha was born in the historical town of Thebes, where she lived until the age of 18. Since then, she moved in Thessaloniki, in order to study Law in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. It seemed as an only way in order to achieve what mattered most to her, helping others. During her first year of studies, she discovered her profound interest in International Law and Protection of Human Rights, however she still believes that are many fields of this science yet to be explored.

However her everlasting love is in fact cinema and quite enjoys watching movies and writing articles about her personal view upon them. Apart from this interest, during her freshman year she has also discovered her passion for Models of United Nations and has participated in several, since then. To her, this journey can be a way to broaden your academic horizons, through having a further insight in the way diplomacy operates, ameliorate yourself and gain important capabilities, as well as form strong bonds with other people, who share the shame interest.

SimUnesCΟ certainly stands among her favorite conferences, as it combines a high academic level and an unforgettable experience. For this year’s edition, she will definitely work hard along with her colleagues in order to pass this very feeling to each and every applicant, “one small crisis at a time”. So take your chances and “make it simple but significant”.