Crisis Cabinet A

Fotini Zarogianni Crisis Cabinet A (Chair)

Zarogianni Fotini was born and raised in the amazing city of Thessaloniki, while she is currently studying at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. In the meantime, she is an intern at the International Relations Office of the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Thessaloniki. She considers herself to be a highly communicative and hardworking person with several hobbies, such as the reading of books, photography, cooking and travelling, and she can speak both English and French.

Her academic interests – in which she would like to specialize – include international relations, international law and, most importantly, diplomacy. This way, she has participated in numerous Model United Nations Conferences, in Greece and abroad, both as a chairperson, member of the Secretariat or as a delegate. All these experiences led her to the belief that conferences do not only help one broaden their academic horizons, but also build their character and personality and, above all, create concrete friendships. Therefore, she strongly encourages each and every one of you to gain as much as you can from this year’s edition of SimUnesCO, a conference that combines summer, sun, sea and committee work in the best way possible!

Last but not least, she is really looking forward to meeting all of you in person and, along with her colleague, Alexandros, they will definitely make this year’s Cabinet A of the Crisis Committee an experience worth remembering!

Alexandros Bourdanos Crisis Cabinet A (Co-Chair)

Alexandros Bourdanos is an undergraduate student of Political Sciences at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He speaks English, French and a little bit of Italian and German. He started his career in simulations in 2016 by participating in BISMUN. Since then, he has successfully participated in various MUNs and in other simulation conferences in Greece and abroad. Apart from the simulations, he writes articles for Think Tanks/Sites, not only for politics and foreign affairs but also for economy and expands his intellectual horizons by reading books regarding these two sectors. He considers MUNs and simulations in general, as a life changing experience and he is extremely happy to have the opportunity to join the SimUnesCO family! He is excited to welcome you to this year’s SimUnesCO and he believes that this particular conference is an amazing opportunity to explore one’s abilities in debating and public speaking, but also to meet new friends and to have an amazing fruitful experience.