Tatiana Kyttaroudi Committee on Information and Communication (Co-Chair)

Tatiana Kyttaroudi was born and raised in the most north and newest town of Greece, Orestiada, in which she stayed until the age of 18. She is currently an undergraduate student at the Law Faculty of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, studying a subject that she loved from a really young age and is now becoming a reality for her. The criminal, as well as the international sector, are two fields she is really fond of and she hopes to combine them and work in them professionally, especially engaging in cyber crime.

This summer, she has the honour to come back to Corfu for the second year and now serve as a member of the Board at one of her favourite simulations in Greece, SimUnesCO. Although it is true that her MUN journey has only recently started, this does not act as a barrier to working hard for something she loves so much, MUNing! She is assured that multi-dimensional activities, ones that go beyond the every-day academic routine, are those that complete our personality as young adults. One of the aforementioned activities is participating in simulations, the best part always being the number of friendships that emerge in parallel with the broader understanding of current, burning international affairs, through an enjoyable and fun procedure.

Do not be afraid to raise your placards and speak up about what your country stands for. The Board is here because they want to hear your propositions and work with you. The goal and the challenge for them always remains to make you leave the conference saying “This was worthy, I gained so much and I will definitely be coming back next year!”.