Committee on Education

Dimitra Athanasa Committee on Education Main Chair

Her name is Dimitra Athanasa. She is a 20 years old student at the department of Law in the Aristotle’s University of Thessaloniki. It is with great joy and honor that for this year’s SimUnesCO will be acting as Chair in the Education Committee. From an early age, she has taken an active role in the world of international organizations’ simulations and participated in a great deal of them. She is a contributor at a site’s column writing about international relations and about matters of defense and a member of ELSA in whose projects she is also taking part. She is a researcher in the Student Association of International and Foreugn Affairs and a member of Thessaloniki’s team of Sustainable Development Solutions Network of the UN. Concerning her personal hobbies, she is a big history and poetry fan.

Manolis Antonakakis Committee on Education Co-Chair

Emmanouil (Manolis) Antonakakis was born and raised in Chania, Crete. He is currently a third-year undergraduate student at the Faculty of Law of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

His academic interests include Public International and European law, human rights and Alternative Dispute Resolution and he has participated in a series of such related competitions, debates, seminars and conferences. Moreover, he is an active member of the European Law Students’ Association and speaks four languages.

His journey to the world of simulations began in 2016. He did not need to wait long to realize how many benefits somebody can gain by joining such conferences. Thus, since then, he has participated in numerous simulations not only of UΝ committees, but of EU Institutions, UNESCO’s and regional organizations’ bodies as well.

SimUnesCO 2018 will be his 11th participation in a simulation, but not his first attempt at chairing. However, he feels more excited than ever that this year he will serve as one of the two Co-Chairs of the Committee on Education. As he believes that an educational simulation is a great experience that every student has to live at least once, he invites everyone to join the large family of SimUnesCo, this summer in the beautiful island of Corfu.


Paschalis Karamanlis Committee on Education Co-Chair

Paschalis is an undergraduate student in the Department of International and European Studies in the university of Macedonia. This is his first chairing experience, but he has participated as a delegate in multiple MUN’s , including ThessiMUN,BisMUN and RhodesMRC,and of course SimUNESCO for the past 2 years. He has also participated in multiple seminars and events,and has worked for a month as an analyst in NATO’s NRDC-GR. He is really excited to be part of SimUnesCO 2018 and wants to try as hard as he can to make it an enjoyable experience for the delegates. However, he enjoys dancing and having fun in the social events, because it gives him the necessary energy to attend the sessions.