Valentina Koumoulou Committee on Culture Co-Chair

Valentina Koumoulou is a 3rd year student at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting in Corfu. Her dream is to become an interpreter for the UN. Her passion is travelling the world; consequently, she decided to combine it with her dream job. As far as her MUN career is concerned, everything started when she was in high school and she visited the European Parliament in Strasbourg. That’s when she realized she wanted to wear suits for the rest of her life; so, the journey towards MUN conferences began. This year SimUnesCO gives her the opportunity to become a board member. The committee, in which she will be a co-chair will be a challenge because she will have to deal with issues that focus on culture, a very important aspect of everyday life. To conclude, she is certain that this year’s edition of SimUnesCO will be great, and as far as the Committee on Culture is concerned, she guarantees that it will expand your horizons in ways you cannot imagine!