Georgios Christos Kostaras Secretariat (Deputy Director General)

My name is Georgios Christos Kostaras, but everyone calls me George. I am 22 years old and I study in the Department of Political Sciences in Aristotle University, hoping to get my degree by the beginning of 2018. I was introduced to this mesmerizing journey of simulations, during my second year in university and since then I have participated in more than 16 conferences in Greece and abroad.My passion for diplomacy and international relations incented me to take such a decision and actively participate in such conferences, leading me to step out of my comfort zone as an individual. This will be my third year in SimUnesco having the privilege to serve as one of its Deputy Secretary Generals, as I served the previous years as a member of the Board. Since, last year’s SimUnesco was a huge attainment, this year our goal as a team is to ameliorate and stabilize that success. On a personal level, my expectations for this year are to designate the importance of UNESCO as an organization that contributes relentlessly, discussing enflaming topics in order to provide answers to topical challenges of our world, transmit this family-like atmosphere, which exists nowhere else, and ensure that this year’s crisis will exceed the expectations of every participant, who vows to challenge himself and entangle in real-time emergency situations.