Anna Pekridou Secretariat (President of the General Conference)

Hello everyone! My name is Anna Pekridou and I am hopefully entering the last semester of my studies in the Faculty of Law in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. My student life could briefly be described with the words; law, translation courses, debating, conferences, and generally scary exposure to new experiences which shaped my current character. At the following year, I will have the honor to serve as the President of the General Conference of SimUnesCO 2018 or better as a member of the team of the Secretariat of SimUnesCO 2018. This conference truly let me be myself without any anxiety or fear, mainly because of its people, that stood either in the front or backstage, who made me feel welcome at every moment and on every occasion. In other words, this is SimUnesCO, a conference that sets as a prerequisite to work along with the best part of ourselves. This is for sure not an easy task as it demands patience and willingness to become members of a team and not simply managers of ourselves. This is something difficult for Unesco itself, since it is currently facing a moral and financial crisis, partly due to the fact that the modern society mostly cares for the technological progress of the world rather than the spiritual development of humanity. Although hard, we must try to free ourselves from today’s stereotypes and become generous, acting equal with the others. And if this is something too good to become a reality, then, at least, I wish we will manage to accomplish it by simulating this way of leaving in SimUnesCO 2018. And with these words, we wholeheartedly welcome you to the family of SimUnesCO!