Nicholas Papadimitriou Assistant Professor at the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting at the Ionian University

Nicholas Papadimitriou (PhD) was born in Athens. He has studied law, philosophy and music in Athens, London and Paris (B.A. Law, University of Athens, Postgraduate Studies in Philosophy of Art, Docteur d’ État in Arts et Sciences de l’ Art, Université de Paris – Sorbonne). He is Associated Professor at D.F.L.T.I. Ionian University, teaching since 2002 Modern European Culture. He has also lectured at Iztapalapa and Nacional Universities of Mexico City as well as at the Évry Val d’ Essonne University in France and various other universities in Europe and the USA. Furthermore, he has given numerous music concerts both as a musician and composer. Since 2010 he is giving lectures at both the Strasbourg (ITIRI) and Montpellier III (Paul Valéry) universities about art, philosophy and politics in contemporary Europe (through the Erasmus exchange program). His recent publications in French, English and Greek pertain to modern Europe and the place of Greece in it. His books on European Modernity are edited in Greece by the Dardanos/Gutenberg editions and in France by the Delatour-France editions.