Simone Markis Head of Translators

Hello Everybody!! My name is Simone Makris and I come from the beautiful island of Cyprus. Some years ago I graduated from the Department of Foreign Languages, Translation and Interpreting of Ionian University. I am currently working as a freelance translator and interpreter and I also work for the League Against Rheumatism, a non-profit organization that aims to offer a better life to people that live with rheumatic diseases.
How can I best describe myself? I am an extrovert and sociable person, a great team-player, I tend to never lose my smile no matter what. I have three major passions; theatre, reading books, travelling. People say that I am obsessed with Corfu and I cannot deny that. Corfu is my favourite island! In 2015 I first participated at SimUnesCO as translator where I had a great time, great experiences, and I met great people that showed me how fruitful this conference can be.
At this year’s SimUnesCO version I have the honour to be Head of Translators. My team and I will be at your service to help facilitate communication through the conference’s working languages.
I look forward welcoming you to one of the most beautiful places in Greece. Under the Ionian sun, and next to the Corfiot sea, you will have the opportunity to gain experiences that you will remember for many years to come. Prepare to have the time of your life. See you all soon.