Study Guides

World Heritage Committee

  1. Towards a new agenda regarding the protection of cultural heritage from the current crisis in Israel, Syria and Yemen; Download
  2. Tentative List: the Committee’s Verdict on the issues of Raqqa and Dura-Europus. Download

Committee on Culture

  1. Sustainable Tourism for Sustainable Development; Tourism as a means to combat poverty and to cultivate intercultural dialogue and mutual understanding. Download
  2. UNESCO’s Atlas of Languages in Danger; the impact of technology and globalization on the safeguarding of regional dialects. Download

Committee of Social and Human Sciences

  1. The social impact of doping in sports; ways to safeguard the moral and ethical values in competition and the health of amateur and professional athletes. Download
  2. Ensuring prisoners’ access to healthcare, decent work and fair trial as a means of social inclusion, in the context of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Download

Committee on Education

  1. UNESCO’s Strategy for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) 2016-2021: the enhancement of connectivity between education and youth employment perspectives through vocational programs and entrepreneurship programs. Download
  2. Higher Education; modern challenges and prospects. Download

Committee on Information and Communication

  1. The Press’s Role in the Post-Truth Era and the World of Mobile and Social Media domination: Propaganda, Fake News, Hoaxes and Partisan Information. Download
  2. Addressing Contemporary Challenges and Violation of Human Rights Deriving from the Deep and Dark Web. Download

Committee on Natural Sciences

  1. Une approche de la guerre énergétique dans la Bande de Gaza: eau potable, sources d’ énergie et famine. Download
  2. Réduction des déchets alimentaires vers une agriculture viable. Download



The Soviet Invasion in Afghanistan and its impact to the situation in the Middle East (1979).


Guide for Journalists