Committee on Education

  • Reforming education systems to foster inclusive and quality education and promote lifelong learning.
  • Eliminating racism and xenophobia via programs and initiatives focusing on humanistic education.


Committee on Culture

  • Utilizing culture as means of poverty reduction, economic growth, sustainable cities, sustainable consumption and production patterns in the context of SDGs.
  • Safeguarding cultural heritage through combating illicit trafficking of cultural property.


Committee of Social and Human Science

  • The question of the use of Human Genetic Data in the field of Bioethics.
  • Promoting, implementing, enforcing and protecting women’s sexual and reproductive rights.


Committee on Natural Science

  • Strengthening a sustainable program for the management of nuclear and hazardous waste.
  • Shaping Science Technology and Innovation Policies (STIP) under the scope of contemporary environmental changes.


Committee on Information and Communication

  • Comment protéger les enfants des dangers d’internet et assurer la sécurité des données personnelles.
  • La technologie en service des terroristes (organisation des attentats, communication). Comment en faire face.


Crisis Cabinet A

  • The Napoleonic Invasion of Russia(1812-)


Crisis Cabinet B

  • The Napoleonic Invasion of Russia(1812-)